Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy

Malton Soccer Club is pleased to announce that it will continue its Soccer Academy Program in the summer of 2015. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the club direct by way of email at or by telephone at 905-677-0431.Malton Soccer Club is committed to providing the highest level of training available. Our Technical Staff will be focusing on the tactical needs for all specific positions on the soccer field as weill as focusing on the Psychological and Physiological needs of a players specific position.


Malton Soccer Academy adds a layer of training and guidance on top of the player’s regular soccer program. The members participate fully in all aspects of training and games with their rep team. In addition, the academy program provides the opportunity to achieve a higher level of excellence through advanced conditioning and skills as well as exhibition, showcase and international matches.

This program will be held in a 2hr session, once a week, for a total of 8 weeks.


Player Training

Practical Training (Ages 6-8)

Agility & Coordination:

With and without the ball


Dribbling, Ball Control, Passing, Shooting,

Small Sided Games:

Frequent touches on the ball

Clear & understandable game situations

Team Play

Passing & Giving support (Team Play)

Space, Pressure & Skill

Adapting to continually changing game situations


Practical Training (Ages 9-13)


Dribbling, Ball Control, Passing, Shooting, Heading

Demonstrations, Corrections


Defensive Play 1v1 & Small Sided Games (Positioning)

Attacking play (Passing, Support, Space, Crossing, Finishing

Physical Fitness:

Warm Up, Jumping, Agility, Fitness Training


4-a-side / 7-a-side / 11-a-side

Tasks Extended / Real Game situations

Adapting to continually changing game situations


Practical Training (Ages 14-18)


Individual—I’m in pressure situations


1v1 behavior, tactics relating to positions., Changing speed of game

Switching play, Set plays (Free kicks, corners)

Creating & utilizing space

Tactics of Goalkeeping

Physical Fitness:

Speed, stamina, Strength endurance, co-ordination


Games on Goal, Games in restricted areas

Reduced & Regular Game Situations,

Adapting to continually changing game situations