Development & Rep Programs

LTDP Development Program

What is the Development Soccer Program?

LTPD stands for Long-Term Player Development.

It represents a philosophy that is much more focused on ensuring players who love soccer stay in the game for life and enjoy the experience. It further ensures that all players—
recreational and the more talented, competitive players—are developed to their full potential. LTPD (though not necessarily with a formal “name” attached to it) is common practice in many of the best soccer nations in the world. It
stresses, especially at the crucial early development ages, far less emphasis on games and “winning”, and much more on practice, touches, creativity, skill development and learning how to play and enjoy the game. In Ontario, we
are working toward an approach where players U12 and younger will practice and train much more than they play in “games”, with field sizes and training methods geared to specific development stages, which can be different for
every young player.
For the aspiring players, they in later years (U13 and up) will have the opportunity to play in a very competitive elitelevel league. Further, such players will have much greater opportunity to be “identified” for regional programs and
ultimately the provincial team, and not just at the U13 level, for example.
We are also tackling, through LTPD, the “elephant in the room”, a fragmented competitive and league structure which has hindered creativity and player development for too long in Ontario. In short, we are committed to a different mindset, creating a soccer culture that is about really getting the best out of our players, so they continue to learn and grow every day. Everything we do going forward will be rooted in this objective: what is best for the player to help them reach their potential.

Rep Program

What is the Rep Soccer Program?

The rep program at Malton Soccer Club is for those who wish to play soccer at a competitive level. Boys and Girls teams are formed to play against other competitive teams (of the same age) from other cities, provinces and countries.

How much travel is involved?

A typical season consists of approximately 14-18 league games, of which half are in Malton (Mississauga, Ontario) and half “on the road”.  Games are usually held anytime during the week. League games during a Monday to Friday with Tournaments being held on Saturday and Sundays.  All Tournaments and Exhibition games are at the coaches’ discretion.

How often does the team practice?

Teams may be out on the filed training as much as 2-3 nights a week, not including scheduled games. Training usually increases as the players reach 14 years of age.