Mission / Vision


Malton Soccer Club will continue in its expansion and development, while promoting soccer in the area and promoting the highest quality development for all players, officials and volunteers. The game will be played at all times in a sporting and fair manner. Our club focus will be the development of players.


Our mission is to provide all our members with a dynamic and enjoyable soccer experience that inspires the pursuit of excellence through the development of character and sportsmanship.

  • To promote, develop and administer the game of soccer at the recreational and competitive level.
  • To provide all boys and girls within our community the opportunity to play soccer provided that it is within the means of Malton Soccer Club & leagues to do so.
  • To provide soccer development for all players.
  • To provide a system that strives for a balanced competition and enjoyment for all participants.
  • To operate, support and provide representation for the Malton Soccer Club’s Rep Teams (United)
  • To provide a system whereby each team, club and organization is encouraged to take interest in a soccer development, soccer player development and place sportsmanship ahead of personal goals.